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Star* Publish Times

Vol. 1, Ed. 2

Sept. 17, 2006


If you ask any comedian, they will tell you that the secret to success is all in the timing.

The new book,
The Great Mormon Conspiracy, by mother/son team Alta Lyon and Monte Lyon, couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Tentatively due to be released by Star* Publish in October, 2006, it offers an insider's look at the rules and regulations of the Mormon Church, as well as the reasons these precepts were created. The book deals extensively with the basis of the Mormon doctrine of polygamy, which is described as "celestial-wives." 
The Great Mormon Conspiracy is a "must read" book if you intend to follow the upcoming hearings that revolve around the Warren Steed Jeffs case. The major complaint against Jeffs is his practice and encouragement of polygamy. It is said to have as large an audience as the O.J. Simpson case, and this is your chance to be prepared.
Alta and Monte Lyon spent several decades researching and writing this book. Unique in its presentation, it is a fictionalized account of the operations of the Mormon Church, as discussed by an elderly woman and her granddaughter, which makes a historical account of the events and beliefs of the Church anything but boring.
For more information on The Great Mormon Conspiracy, go to .


Got Nurses?
Travel companies are learning more about how to retain traveling nurses with Epstein's new program.

Pocatello, ID) - Epstein LaRue, RN, BS, travel nurse and published author introduces a program developed to help travel companies understand what it is like being a nurse on the road full time, what nurses want in a company, and what they can do to retain the nurses that they recruit.
   The travel nursing industry is growing at an extremely accelerated rate in the last five years. Once there were only a handful of staffing companies, today there are over 200 companies that specialize in travel nursing. The task of finding out what nurses want and supplying their needs has become an ever so daunting. Recruiting nurses to join your organization is tough enough without adding the chore of retaining the nurses once you have got them on your team. With a little understanding of what nurses what, how to read their personalities, and how to treat them, you’re job just got a little easier. “Got Nurses” is a one hour program developed by Epstein LaRue as a tool to give travel companies a peak into the world of travel nursing from the other side. As she takes you into her world of travel nursing, you learn what it’s really like to be out there on the road, the challenges faced on a daily basis, what nurses need from their recruiter, and how the recruiter can read what the travel nurse needs.
   During the next few months, Epstein will be traveling to South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and Arkansas to present this great new program. To inquire how you can also get on the schedule visit:

Epstein LaRue
c/o Highway Hypodermics
775 Yellowstone Ave, PMB 175
Pocatello, ID 83201


Internet Radio is one of the hottest new crazes around. As Star* Publish's Marketing Director, Janet Elaine Smith, was invited to host two online radio shows on Internet Voices Radio, Star's owner, Kristie Leigh Maguire, was quick to spot a great opportunity for some good, affordable exposure for the publishing company as well.

Star* Publish is proud to be the sponsor for both of Janet's programs. "Marketing for Fun and Profit" is aired at 9:30 ET every Monday night, and "Vamos a Hablar Espaņol" (Let's Talk Spanish) is on Thursday nights at 9:00 ET.

Not only is Janet a great spokesperson for Star" Publish, but Lillian Cauldwell, the producer of both programs, quickly jumps on singing the praises of "the best POD publisher in the world, and the only place that will get your books on the shelves in bookstores all across the country."
If you miss the broadcast when it appears live, you can listen to it by going to Internet Voices Radio and tuning in on your computer. Vive technology!
(See related article here.) 



When computers first came on the scene, there was a lot of talk about "WYSIWYG." (That is pronounced Wiz-ee-wig.) It was an acronym that stood for "What you see is what you get."
People often ask why the initial cost of publishing with Star* Publish seems to be so high. The reason is simple: they put the practice of WYSIWYG. It means that there are no hidden costs. Many other POD publishers have low-cost setup fees, but then they begin with the add-ons. For example, editing a 100,000 word manuscript typically runs well over $1000.00. Returnablity costs $500.00 and up. A simple press release can run $50.00 or more. Cover conception can run into the thousands of dollars if you want it customized; others don't give the author any say in their covers.
All of the above items, and much more, is AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED in the setup fee at Star* Publish. There are no hidden costs that will catch you unaware at the end. At Star* Publish, What You See Is What You Get, whether it is in the production and publishing of your book or the marketing help you will get.
As owner Kristie Leigh Maguire says, tossing her (sometimes) blonde hair to the side, "Like that hair product you see ads for on TV, we cost a little more--but we're worth it!"



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