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When Star* Publish's Marketing Director, Janet Elaine Smith, first talked to author Monte Lyon on the phone, he said, "I don't want to set my expectations too high. I'll be happy if I sell one book."
During the course of the conversation it became evident that part of the reason for Monte's shyness about his book (Emotion: Master or Servant?) is that it is a self-help book, based in large part on issues that are very "up-close-and personal" to him. It is hard to bear your own soul, even if you aren't shy.
In discussing calling bookstores on behalf of the Star* authors, Monte reluctantly agreed to do a booksigning if one was arranged for him.
It was with great delight that both Janet and Star*s owner, Kristie Leigh Maguire, learned that Monte had taken the bull by the horns and was calling bookstores himself, in his own area, and then branching out into other states. Here is his progress report:
I had a good day I am up to 36 stores in California, 8 stores in Utah and 10 stores in Colorado. I am hitting about 80 percent now on getting on a stores short list. None of this would even be possible if you had not gotten books carried in their
Thank you again,
When asked if we could share his progress with the readers of the Star* Publish Times, he said, "That sounds fine just as long as you make sure they understand to be passive and kind. In todays world demanding, aggressive and manipulative sales doesn't work well especially for a longterm
relationship, which you obviously understand very well, but that does not necessarily include everyone by default.
Three cheers for Monte Lyon! May all Star* authors follow his brave leadership!

When Star* Publish authors set out to do something, they don't do it half-way. Authors Lea Schizas and Carolyn Howard-Johnson decided to put together an online writers' conference.
It is doubtful that even they knew how fast it would grow. Part of the appeal is that it is free for all participants (although they will accept donations to help make next year's conference even bigger and better.
There are almost 90 well-known and successful presenters. The subjects range from planning your book, doing the research, all the way to getting it published and then the final step of getting it to sell successfully.
A number of Star* Publish authors will be presenters. (There is a complete list of presenters and subjects available on the site.)
Anyway, for starters, here's some teasers for the conference. You can still sign up. Don't waste any more time. Over 600 people have already beat you to the punch.

The Muse Online Writers Conference

The ONLY online conference of its kind!

Get to meet some of the presenters from the 9th of October until the 13th in the Virtual Convention Room.

Virtual Convention Hall

Get to meet some of the presenters from the 9th of October until the 13th  in the Virtual Convention Hall.

There will be two distinct methods to communicate with our Presenters.

1- An online workshop by some Presenters will be handed out in a doc. format on the morning of Monday and Wednesday of the conference. The rest of the week, the Presenters will be available to answer questions in regards to their workshop via email exchange within the Virtual Convention Hall to be announced at a later date.

2- Presenters to be available all week for questions will be listed in the Virtual Convention Hall at the time of the Conference. Questions aimed at a specific Presenter will be emailed via our Board to be set up and announced at a later date.

Everyone wishing to attend this premiere extravaganza and participate with all of our honored guests, and take part in the FREE workshops will need to

Details on how to login, a list of attending presenters, and how to ask our presenters questions all week will be given in September 2006.



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