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Star* Publish Times

Vol. 1, Ed. 4


Breaking out of the shell

Even if You Do It The Old-Fashioned Way
Author Thomas A. Gill proves that you can succeed as an author, even if you snub all the modern conveniences of today's technology.
As he sits in his home in Boise, Idaho, he has no Internet access, and doesn't even own a phone. He is not opposed to such conveniences; he just doesn't have them. He does retrieve messages from a neighbor and he goes to the library to get his e-mail messages and reply to them.
In spite of his "old-fashioned" lifestyle, he has three books that have been published by Star Publish, and a fourth one is almost ready to hatch out of its shell.
In October, Tom will once again spread his wings beyond the comfort zone of his shell when he does two booksignings at Hastings Entertainment Centers in Boise, Idaho.
Tom's books are New Directions in Bible Study, NewTestament Studies and Inquiry Into Philosophical Naturalism. The soon-to-be-released title is Memoirs of Solipsist.

Thomas E. Gill was born in 1935 and educated in Portland, Oregon where he attended Jefferson High School, PSU, University of Portland, PCC MHCC, and Reed. He holds several Master's Degrees with two of them being in history from PSU in 1976 and BSU in 1990. He also pursued PhDs in history at the University of Arizona and the University of Idaho. Gill has thirty years of college education.

As an Emersonian Unitarian, he is an avid student of the Bible. He is an intellectual with expertise in History, Philosophy, Greek and Roman Classics, Literatures and Literary Criticism. His forte is "allegory."



Star* Publish Enters Another New Frontier
Janie Lancaster's new book, Julie and the Lost Fairy Tale, is Star* Publish's first official children's book to be released. Star* Publish has three young adult books already in their lineup, but this is lowering the age level of their books. The three young adult books are The Rock of Realm, by Lea Schizas (see review); Pilgrim Girl: Diary and Recipes of Her First Year in the New World, by Jule Selbo and Laura Peters; and My Dear Phebe, by Janet Elaine Smith (coming soon).
Part of this became possible because LSI, Star* Publish's print supplier, made some changes so they can publish shorter books, as well as more pictures. The pictures in Janie's books are done by the author herself. It is (tentatively) scheduled for a December release, making it perfect for gift giving.
In addition to appearing in book format, Janie plans to syndicate the story in numerous newspapers across the country.
As with many books, "circumstances" lead to adventures. Such was the case with a "missing chapter" in Janie's original manuscript, as you can see in the article below.





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