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Vol. 1, Ed. 5


Award-winning author Cora Miller's newest book, Winter Collection, will make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up. She wanders amidst fine china, right out to blood-filled footprints in the snow to finding a smoking gun behind the gift beneath the tree. Who's the victim? A, it is true, blood is thicker than water.
This is the perfect collection of short blood-tingling thrillers to curl up with on a cold winter night, with an afghan cuddled up tightly around you and a glow in the fireplace. However, it should be accompanied by a warning: do not leave the door unlocked, the curtains open, and make sure the owls aren't hooting and the wolves aren't howling.

Winter Collection will be released by December, 2006. Get yourself psyched up. You're going to need it for this one. It is definitely not a "cozy" mystery, but it will thrill the strong of heart.


Yes, direct from the Distribution Department at Hastings Entertainment Centers home office in Amarillo, TX, on Monday, Oct. 9 at 9:30 ET, Randy Ham will be the very special guest on "Marketing for Fun and Profit," Janet Elaine Smith's internet radio talk show. You can listen to it at and it is archived the following day, so if your schedule is full when it airs live, you are still in luck.
Hastings is probably the friendliest bunch of people this industry we commonly call "publishing" that has ever been. Janet has called and spoken to literally every single manager of their 152 bookstores, and she says "I have never met one of them who was not extremely polite, friendly, and supportive to authors."
If you want a chance to see how this business works on the other side of the fence, this is your chance. Call-in questions welcomed at 1-888-379-5442.
("Marketing for Fun and Profit!" is sponsored each week by Star* Publish.)

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Okay, so the second Patrick and Grace Mystery, Recipe for Murder, featuring popular senior sleuths by Janet Elaine Smith, has nothing to do with the Alamo, it does take place at Halloween. Why is it that so few authors take advantage of the "lesser-celebrated" holidays? There are lots of books about Christmas, quite a few (romances) about Valentine's Day, but bookstore managers often make comments like "A mystery for Halloween? The only thing we get for Halloween is kids' books." Or they say things like "The only thing we have to put out on Thanksgiving is an Ideals book of poetry and pictures or turkey cookbooks."
As a result, Janet chose Halloween for the time of year when poor Walter Schmidt would be found hanging in the apple shed at his mother's home in Albany, Nebraska. When Patrick and Grace heard about the terrible tragedy, it sent them flying (for Grace's first airplane ride) to prove that Walter would never have taken his own life.
With too many suspects, Patrick and Grace being the typical "outsiders" that nobody trusts, and a cookie recipe that was literally "to die for," Recipe for Murder will make you appreciate the little-remembered days of the year, even if it isn't at the Alamo.
Check out Patrick and Grace's latest mystery, Old Habits Die Hard, which ends with a Thanksgiving feast that will make your own dysfunctional family seem almost normal.



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