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Star* Publish Times

Vol. 1, Ed. 7

Robin Westmiller Borders booksigning, Middletown, NY

Phil Harris at Mr. Paperback booksigning, Lewiston, Maine

Things are getting off to a great start with Star* Authors showing up in bookstores, coast-to-coast, not only with their books on the shelves, but the authors in person.
Middletown, New York was the setting for Robin Westmiller's booksigning at the Borders Bookstore. While she didn't sell a ton of books, she did have some excitement when the police showed up. Fortunately, they were not there to haul her away. Of course, since Robin is enrolled in law school, she would have been assured of some good legal defense!
In September Janet Elaine Smith signed her new Star* books at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Several endcaps boasted other Star* books as well.
Oct. 20 found Thomas E. Gill at the Hastings Entertainment Center in Boise, Idaho, where he signed copies of all four of his biblical books. He will be appearing at a sister Hastings store in Boise on Oct. 27.
And not to be outdone, Philip Harris was on tap at Mr. Paperback in Lewiston, Maine. I'm sure God woke up for the occasion, as Phil's book, which he co-authored with Brian Doe, is entitled Waking God.
Keep your eyes open. You just never know when a Star* author will show up in your neighborhood. I know of several more coming.

Owner, publisher Kristie Leigh Maguire has recently accepted several new books that will be published. They vary from memoirs, non-fiction "help" books, children's, mysteries, romances, and holiday titles. Watch for some of your favorite authors, such as Epstein Larue, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Monte Lyon, Cora Miller and Janet Elaine Smith. There will also be new authors on the slate, so stay tuned. Life can be exciting, especially if you look for it "between the covers" of a Star* book!

Todays edition of the Star* Publish Times is an afternoon edition. 
It was impossible to get into the site to work on this weeks' edition last night, so you might say "the press was down."
Remember, many people believe that anything worth having is worth waiting for. Hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to read the "funnies" section!



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