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Star* Publish Times

Vol. 1, Ed. 8

"Pirate" Joe O'Steen

Queen Jaw Jaw (Georgia Richardson)
You'll have to add her crown in your imagination!

BOO! Some Tricks and Treats for Readers
"I quit going out for Trick-or-Treats when I was about 11 or 12 years old," a waitress at a restaurant recently remarked. "Now that I'm all grown up and in college, there are parties all over the place. It is such fun! I'm so glad I didn't have to grow up."
Yes, Halloween is a holiday for adults as well as youngsters anymore. It is probably the most fun holiday of the year. So, hang onto your witch's hat and let's set sail for some of the entertaining books that Star* Publish has to offer.
* A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne. You just know this has to be a fun read, knowing that it was written by Georgia Richardson, who goes by the name of "Queen Jaw Jaw." Plunk a crown on her head, and she's all set for any costume party.
* Falcon's Revenge and Pursuit of Honor, both written by Joseph O'Steen, are pirate tales to set you on edge as you follow their adventures in both e-books. When Joseph goes out on booksignings and other events, he even dresses the part of his pirates.
* Recipe for Murder, the second Patrick and Grace Mystery by Janet Elaine Smith, finds poor Walter Schmidt hanging in the apple shed in Nebraska at Halloween. When it seems like a second death might have followed, the whole town is relieved to discover that it is just a leftover scarecrow.
* Road Queens by Catherine MacDonald is a funny read that follows a group of elderly women who meet up as they travel across the country in their RVs. It will have you rolling on the floor laughing.


What? There is skullduggery afoot in the camps? Even at Halloween, we all know that The Great Pumpkin never came to poor Linus as he waited yearly for its appearance. So what have the head honchos at Star* Publish been hiding from the world? Is it something "underhanded" or is there something "underground" that is roiling like the great pot of witches' brew?
Ah, relax. Nothing quite so sinister, but just as newsworthy, are the covers at Star* Publish. "The covers?" you ask. "What about the covers?"
If you go over to the Star* Publish website and take a look at the page for their books, you will find some of the most awesome book covers around. (To make it easier to get there, just click on the pumpkin above.) 
There is nothing much more aggravating to a reader than to get halfway through a book and realize that the cover has absolutely nothing to do with the story at all. Does it really matter? How important is a book cover anyway?
It has been said for years that "You can't judge a book by its cover." Balderdash! When you, as a reader, walk into a bookstore and look for a new read, what is the first thing you look at? Of course, it's the cover. It is often a case of "love at first sight." Only after you pick it up will you turn to the back to look at the blurb to see what it is about. The next step might be to read the first couple of pages--and then you decide whether or not to buy the book.
What makes the covers at Star* Publish so special? It's the person behind the scenes: Kristie Leigh Maguire, the owner of the company. Some Star* authors do submit their own artwork, but that is just the beginning of a great cover. There is the matter of matching the font to the type of book it is. Then you move to the back cover, and the background color, the color and style of the font, the author's picture and bio... Ah, yes, there is a lot to be said for all that goes into the cover of a book. Even the spine has to have something that will draw the reader to the book if it is placed spine out on a shelf, along with hundreds of other books. The Star* logo is that "certain something" that calls a reader to take a closer look.
Some of the books are contracted by outside cover designers, but Kristie has the final say on the finished product. And many of the covers are designed by Kristie herself. She spends many hours, trying one thing, then another, until she gets just the right effect she is looking for. From there, it goes to the author for their input. Once both agree on the cover, it is moved onward to the next step in the publishing process.
So yes, you can judge a book by its cover. You should judge a book by its cover. And nowhere will you find a better cover than on the front of a Star* book!



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