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Ed. 1, Vol. 9


Yes, the Shooting Star* Books Program had its official launch on Sept. 1, 2006. The goal was to get the Star* books into bookstores all across the country. There were plans formatted, goals set, and then the work began.

Not all books were included in the Shooting Star* Books Program. It was an option open to all the Star* authors, but there was a cost. Why? Because it's an old proven fact that it costs money to make money.
With only two months of the program behind us, has it been worth the time, money and effort? Here are some figures for you to peruse, and then you be the judge.
Increase of sales for Sept. 2006 over Aug. 2006......263%
Increase of sales for Oct. 2006 over Sept. 2006.......136%
Sales of Shooting Star* books over other
      Star* books in Oct. 2006..........................................1773%
OK, they say that figures don't lie! The most exciting part of the whole program is when authors start to hear from people all across the country who are picking up a Shooting Star* book and loving every page!
The other part of the program that is fun is that many of the bookstores have asked for and received special promo materials to give out to their customers. There are even special signs made up for the individual chains, designed with their chain in mind, that they are displaying on their front windows or at the cash registers, announcing that they stock Shooting Star* books.
We might have shot for the stars, but we just might make it to the moon!


Remember the "groupies" of yesteryear? Thousands of people flocked to the Beatles' concerts. People stood in line to see Elvis for days, camping out on the streets so they wouldn't lose their places. What garners such devotion? Even more importantly, how can you create the same kind of hype for your favorite authors?
There are things an author can do to help their fan base along. Some of them are as simple as including a short "Note from the author" at the back of each book. Big name authors like Bertrice Small and Debbie Macomber often do this. Star* author Janet Elaine Smith says she often gets as much feedback from readers who reacto to her notes at the end of the book as she does from the books themselves. Some things you might include are the way the story was born, anything interesting and unusual about the research for the book, and always include your website and e-mail addresses so your fans can easily reach you. If you include your snail mail address (remember, some people don't have a computer or access to the Internet), it is advisable to get a post office box, rather than advertising your street address.
Yes, your "groupies" might be a "virtual" bunch of people. So how do you get them together? It is relatively simple. Set up a chat room on your website, then invite all of your fans to attend a special night just for them, when they can ask any questions they want to.
Another way to get your "groupies" involved is to send out a newsletter. If your website has a lot of traffic, you might just post it at the beginning of each month on there instead of sending it out individually. Let your readers know that the first of each month it will be there. Repeat traffic is vital for your survival, especially if you plan to write numerous books.
And if you are a fan and you would like to get acquainted with some of the other fans of a certain author, what a pleasant surprise it is for a fan to do something special for that favorite author. Set up a chat room of your own, or you can go to places like Yahoo! and set up a fan club, inviting people to join an e-mail group to discuss the author and their books. They also have chat rooms available for each e-group. How do you get people to know about it? One of the best ways is to make sure the author's name is in the title of your e-group. That way, when people go to a search engine to see what is happening in the life of the author, they will be apt to run across the group and sign up.
There is a lot of truth in the old adage, "The more the merrier!"



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