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Star* Publish Times

Vol. 1, Ed. 14


This time of the year, we hear songs about stars. The "Christmas star" was a very real part of the story that is centuries old. It was the "Star of the East" that led the wise men to the King they sought. In the Jewish religion, one of the primary symbols is the Star of David. Astrologers for years have turned to the stars to "read" the future of people, nations, and coming events. The main character in a Broadway play or the great new cinematic offering is called a "star."
Thus it is that the publisher of the Star* Publish Times has so carefully and thoughtfully chosen their name: Star* Publish. Not only does the publisher shine like the stars, but each and every one of their authors glows in their own right.
And so, in this very special and blessed Advent season, please take a few minutes to peruse the Star* authors and see what is causing such a fuss in the publishing world. Is it truly "much ado about nothing," or is there validation to the buzz in the industry?
After all, Star* Publish could have been located in California, where the smog might have hidden it from everyones view. Instead, they shine brightly around the world, bringing some of the most enlightening, entertaining, and warm stories your way.
From Star* Publish and all their Star* Authors, Happy Holidays!


Kristie Leigh Maguire, the owner, founder and CEO of Star* Publish, began in the publishing industry as "just an author." After at least as many pitfalls as many other authors have endured, she decided to start her own publishing company, one that would treat authors the way she wanted to be treated as an author.
As time has gone by, the company has grown, and changes have ensued. But recently, Kristie decided she wanted to get back to her roots. ((Nobody knows for sure what color her roots really are--not even her husband!) So, she is making some changes in her original two-book series, Affairs of the Heart. Stay tuned for exciting news!



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