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Vol. 1, Ed. 15


The staff and authors of Star* Publish wish you all a season of joy, good health, peace, love and good reading. The regular update of the Star* Publish Times will resume on Dec. 31.


"Buyer beware!" "As is." "Lemon law in effect." These are all terms that are we think of in terms of buying used automobiles. So how does this apply to to books?
On the table in Sam's Club, a triple treat by one of America's top romance writers--a Christmas trilogy in one volume--begs to be dropped into a shopper's cart.
Problem? When the reader gets home and starts to read it, the stories seem very familiar. After a couple of chapters, the reader is certain she has read the story before. Repeat performance on each of the other two tales that are included.
Another reader spots a book on an endcap at a national chain bookstore. She quickly grabs it, thinking to herself, I loved the volume they put out last year. I know I'll like the "Ranch Christmas Romance" book again this year. Until...yes, it is the same identical stories; only the cover has been changed.
So, with books one of the favorite gifts for giving, how can you be sure this isn't a book your recipient hasn't read before? Or for that matter, how do you know you haven't read it before if you are buying it for yourself?
First, let me state that there are several Star* Publish books that are re-releases. There is nothing wrong with that--if they are not masquerading as something brand new. A new cover? A new title? Again, nothing wrong with that. They are just as good as the first time they were published. Sometimes they are even a "new and improved" version of something that started out good.
So, what's a person to do? The best way to find out if it is a book that has been around for awhile is to check inside for the copyright date. Even if it has a new title, it should give the original copyright date, or at least state "2nd edition," etc. Also, here's another tip for you: you can often find the real name of the author, in case she uses a pen name for some of her books. This is a great way to follow your favorite author if he/she writes under different names. For example, Nora Roberts also wrote as J.D. Robb for years before she disclosed that fact.
As already stated, if you know that someone on your gift list has a favorite author and you spot a brand new release, head for the bookstore immediately. Which brings to mind an incident that happened outside a Waldenbooks store.
Two elderly women were heading for the bookstore when one of them espied a new Danielle Steele release. She excitedly headed for the front rack that held them.
The second woman said, "I have never read a Danielle Steele book."
The first woman smiled as she picked up a copy and headed for the cashier.  "Neither have I," she said to her friend, "but it looks so impressive to have them all on the shelves in my library!"


Recently, a reader wrote to the editor to ask about a certain article they had heard was in the Star* Publish Times. When the editor told her where to find it (it was in this column, on the right hand side of the home page), she said she had an old computer and the screen wasn't wide enough to view the whole page without scrolling across. She had never done that, so she had missed out on a whole lot of good articles and information, even though she had read every single issue of the paper.
The reader went on to say, "I wonder how many things I have missed in my life because I didn't know the righthand column was there."
It does make you pause and consider life in general. Do we keep our blinders on as we traverse this earth? Even when it comes to books and our choice of reading materials, do we miss out on a whole lot of really good reads because we "don't travel in the righthand lane" and dare to try something different? In our daily walk, do we miss meeting a really neat person because we "don't want to go into that lane," just because it is a bit different from our normal routine?
The next time you are challenged to do something that you would normally avoid, remember that you might find a whole new street if you just turn that corner, even if you have to get into the right lane to get there.
Just as we went to press, another reader informed us that they had just accidentally discovered that the content on the inside pages of the Star* Publish Times changes too. Don't forget to go all the way through the paper. You will miss a lot of good, timely information if you don't.

Happy reading!

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