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Vol. 2, Ed. 6



Star* author Epstein LaRue, author of the newly released Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2007, was surprised when someone informed her that she was on Dr. Phil's website.

Hurrying to check it out, she missed it the first time around, but then spotted the link to her website listed on a sidebar on the right hand side of the screen, marked "Special Thanks."
How did this come about? Even Ms. LaRue isn't sure. The show it refers to is on Drug Addiction. There are several sources mentioned, including the Travel Nursing site. Fortunately, somebody else spotted it and notified the Star* author or she might never have known it. Is it any wonder why millions of people Google themselves daily? Just imagine what you might be missing out on!
Star* Publish's Marketing Director, Janet Elaine Smith, has contacted Dr. Phil to see if they might be interested in booking Ms. LaRue on one of his TV shows. So far, there has been no reply.
To see the site where she is listed, follow this link.
Epi LaRue, we are all proud of you, even if you had nothing to do with it! One day you will be among the famous, even if you can't quite claim the rich part yet.


Does the news about illegal aliens entering the United States alarm and frustrate you? Don't get worried; Star* Publish is not going to start lobbying Congress on this issue--or any other. Instead, we are trying to cross the Borders, and we are doing it well within the laws.
Star* Publish has received word from three different department heads that all Star* books have been successfully entered into the Borders Inc. database, and thus are eligible for stocking on their shelves nationwide. Yes, we have it in writing!  
As a result of this exciting news, Star* Marketing Department has created special promotional materials, as you see above, to distribute to participating Borders stores to hand out to their customers, announcing that they are now carrying Star* titles. As many managers have stated, "Everybody loves something for free."
Now the rest of the job kicks into effect: letting the Borders stores know about the Star* books. So far, the reception has been wonderful. Thank you, Borders, for letting us cross over into your Borders!


The following information is about Star* Author Laura Peters, co-author of the young adult book Pilgrim Girl. We commend Laura and her family not only for winning the 2006 Environmental Excellence Award, but also for showing that we all have a responsiblity to help preserve our surroundings.
Carl Gibbs Environmental Excellence Award
Presented to
John, Laura, Hana, Claire and Rebecca Peters
In recognition of their commitment to enhance the environment which has been demonstrated by their devotion of hundreds of hours in community projects, such as habitat restoration and youth naturalist programs.
Environmental Commission
February 6, 2007
During the public meeting of Tuesday, February 6, 2007 The Environmental Commission presented the 2006 Carl Gibbs Environmental Excellence Award to the Peters Family.  The Peters Family consists of John, Laura and their three children Hana, Claire and Rebecca.  They live on Mulholland Highway along Dry Canyon Creek.  For many years the entire family has devoted hundreds of hours in community projects. They participate in many habitat restoration events, Arbor Day tree planting ceremonies, creek clean up events, assist with the youth naturalist programs, the Calabasas High School Earth Club, Spotlight the Arts, all of which focus on making the community a better place to live.  The family is truly a steward of the natural resources and an example for others to follow.
The Carl Gibbs Environmental Excellence Award is a symbol of commitment to California ’s environment.  The award honors a wide array of individuals, businesses, municipalities, government agencies, organizations, institutions, all working to benefit our environment.  The Award recognizes voluntary activities by companies and organizations, big or small, private or non-profit, in or work done in the City of Calabasas and in California, that result in cleaner air or water, less waste, less traffic, conservation of energy and natural resources, efficient and water conserving landscaping, or reduced use of hazardous materials, etc.



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