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Star* Publish Times

Vol. 2, Ed. 9


It was in mid-March 2004 that Kristie Leigh Maguire decided she'd "had it" with publisher woes. That was when she decided to start her own publishing company so she could treat authors the way she wanted to be treated by their publishers. And thus was born Star* Publish.

Well, to start with it was Venus Romance, but it soon took on a much bigger scope than Kristie had envisioned for herself--or her company--and the name was changed to Star Publish. Kristie's book Desert Heat was the first book published, and that was soon joined by Carolyn Howard-Johnson's book Frugal Book Promoter:How to do What Your Publisher Won't and Susan Merson's book Your Name Here: An Actor and Writer's Guide to Solo Performance. 
Little by little, the list grew. Today, just 3 years later, the list of published books numbers 76! (That includes both e-books and print books.) There are several more that are in the production lineup at various stages, so that number seems to be changing almost weekly.
As things at the homefront grew, Kristie added a Marketing Dept. to the company when she hired Janet Elaine Smith as the Marketing Director. A marketing program, "Shooting Star Books Program," has been added as an option for the Star* authors. This is a new innovation for a small print-on-demand publisher. Now, the Star* books are showing up in more bookstores across the country. All of the Star* books have been accepted in the databases for Barnes & Noble, Hastings Entertainment Center and Borders Group, Inc. so they can be stocked on their shelves. This is, in large part, due to the fact that all Star* books are returnable through Ingram.
What's ahead for Star* Publish LLC as they head into their 4th year? Just stay tuned. It can only keep on getting better and better.
Happy Birthday, Star* Publish LLC and all their authors!


"Oh what fools these mortals be!"
presents William Shakespeare's
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Shakespeare’s classic, told in Parson’s Nose’s 
breathtaking, broad-stroke style. Puck, Bottom, 
Titania, Helena, all come alive as Lovers and Rustics 
are caught in the woods on Midsummer’s Eve...
Fairies rule

"Highly entertaining...thoroughly professional. Lance Davis is a standout Puck, furthering the action with deft comic timing and whimsical stylized movement."  
Los Angeles Times

"What geniuses they are. A wacky journey through the woods where you'll find yourself and your family wonderfully entertained." 
- Beverly Hills Weekly.  
The Gooden School in Sierra Madre
192 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Sunday, March 25 @ 4PM
Tickets: $5
Call Beckie Holmes @ 626-791-4975 for Reservations and Information
Geffen Playhouse "Saturday Scene"
May 5 and 12 @ 11 AM
Tickets: $15/Adult $10/Ages 12 and under 
Call 310-208-5454 for Tickets and Information for directions
"Downtown South Pasadena"
May 18, 19 and 20 
Times and Location TBA
Tickets: $15/Adults $10/Kids
Look For Additional Information about performances in the Next Patronmail!
Written by William Shakespeae
Adapted by Lance Davis
Directed by Ivar Brogger
Costumes by Holly Victoria and JulieGustafson
Set and props by Sandy Huse
Stage Managed by Jeremy Levin
The Company:
Stacy Barnhisel, Lance Davis, Samara Harris, 
Michael Manuel, Michael Patterson, Mustafa Prince,
Margi Simmons

For more information about Shakespeare and
Parson's Nose Productions visit

Lance Davis, Artistic Director
Mary Chalon, Associate Director
Allison Grinsdale, Business Manager
Brenda Reynolds, Development Director

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Star* Publish LLC is proud of Lance Davis's role in bringing good sound family values to the theater with his scripts that are included in his book, Family Classics, published by Star*..


Many years ago Lucille Ball starred in a movie that had them pulling a travel trailer down a mountain road when it came unhitched and went careening ahead of the car toward destruction. It was a funny movie, of course, but Star* Publish has its own version of a "trailer on the move."
A few weeks ago, the Star* Times announced that both Kristie Leigh Maguire and Janet Elaine Smith had come up with a Video Trailer for their books. Does it work? Does it help sales? Do people pay any attention to them, or even know they are there? As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and Kristie's proof is very sweet indeed. Here are the results of how many times her Affairs of the Heart trailer has been seen.
                AOL - 138
                Yahoo - 213
                You Are TV - 817
                You Tube - 414
                You Tube (Trailer created by Julie D'Arcy) - 1072
               Total views - 2654
In addition, Affairs of the Heart is selling in the hundreds of copies. It is obvious that whatever makes the most noise is obviously working! Good job, Kristie! 


On Thursday, March 8, 2007, Star* author Janet Elaine Smith heard her publisher, Kristie Leigh Maguire, owner of Star* Publish LLC, say to her "I feel like we have reached a milestone. All 14 of your back titles are now available."
Later that day, Janet got her copies of House Call to the Past, the last of those books, from the little brown UPS truck. It was about 4 hours later that Kristie received and forwarded the notice from LSI that the books had been shipped! "After-the-fact" is just fine, according to Janet.
House Call to the Past is a time travel, based loosely on Janet's 13th great aunt, Maria Hallett, who lived in Yarmouth, MA in the early 1700s. She was accused of witchcraft after the baby she had died soon after his birth. The baby's father was pirate Black Sam Bellamy. In the book, Maria's uncle, Thomas Hallett, a seaman, was featured in the storyline in chapters 19-24.
Maria Hallett and Black Sam Bellamy have come into the forefront in other venues besides Janet's book. They have been the topic of several articles in National Geographic, A&E has done a movie about them, the Discovery channel has done a documentary about them and Black Sam's ship, the Whydah, after it was discovered and raised about 10 years ago, just off the coast of Cape Cod. It is the largest pirate treasure that has ever been recovered. Ken Kinkor and his crew have also written a book about their experiences, which include a lot of delving into the lives of Maria and Black Sam, titled Expedition Whydah. The "loot" of the find is in a museum on Cape Cod.
It is often true that life itself is stranger than fiction. Imagine Janet's surprise when she read in the Publishers Weekly Daily news on March 9th, that her long-time friend Mary Higgins Clark had a new book being released in April. It is Mary's first children's book. Nothing strange about that, is there? Not until you read on and discover that Mary's book, Ghost Ship, is about a young boy who goes back in time and finds himself face-to-face with a cabin boy--on Capt. Thomas Hallett's ship! Yes, it is apparently the same Capt. Thomas Hallett that is in Janet's House Call to the Past. He lives in the same place, it is the same year, and it is just plain eerie!
Janet first got "acquainted" with Mary when Mary wrote Anastasia Syndrome, which also featured a Hallett--Stephen, who lived in England. If somebody is going to "borrow" one of Janet's Halletts, she says "There is nobody else I would rather have infiltrate our family than Mary Higgins Clark." Janet jokingly says, however, about this coincidence, "But Mary Higgins Clark, this is MY Uncle Tom's Cabin!"
For a review of House Call to the Past, click here.


Epstein LaRue, Star* Publish's own medical specialist, is once again taking the front headlines in the Pocatella, ID newspaper. In fact, she is on the front cover of the Entertainment Weekly section, complete with her picture.

"Epi" (as she is known by her friends) has written a new version of her book, this one entitled Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2007. It is being touted as a valuable resources nationwide by nurses who are both already involved in the career of travel nursing as well as those who are looking for a new challenge in their already established career of traditional nursing.
Sorry that the article is not available online for you to peruse, but you can see a review of her book here. Or if you happen to travel through the Pocatello ID area, stop and pick up a copy!


Most of the time, an editor listens. Once in awhile, however, life calls for an exception. This is one of those times.
Star* Publish author Robin Westmiller (Blood Tastes Lousy With Scotch) has been notified that she will indeed graduate from law school in a few weeks. This is, in our opinion, worthy of our collective congratulations.

Robin asked that we hold off until she "passes the bar," which she might do before she takes the exam in July, but we feel confident that she won't stop and drink too much of that Scotch she wrote about in her book!
So, this is just a drop in the bucket for what you will see in July. We all feel sure that you will make it. Our hats are off to you!



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