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Vol. 2, Ed. 11


On Sept. 11, 2001, the entire world heard of the attack on New York City. People watched on their televisions as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed and literally thousands of people lost their lives. For those who watched, in terror, that day will be emblazoned in their memories forever.
It hardly seems possible that that day was almost 5 1/2 years ago. We, at Star* Publish LLC, have no intention of "attacking" New York City in any way that will bring destruction or sorrow. However, they do plan to bombard "the Big Apple" with their books. Why now? And how will it be done?
It was brought to the attention of the Star* staff recently that there is a bookstore in New York City (Brooklyn, to be exact) that specializes in placing Print-on-demand books and independently published books on their bookshelves. On further investigation, it was learned that they would do exactly that--for a very "dear" price.
This is the ideal time for books to be visible in New York City. During the first week in June, New York City will host the Book Expo Association's annual conference. There will be thousands of people there who have one thing on their minds: books! While many of the attendees will spend the majority of their time at BEA itself, surely many of these people will also be scouting bookstores to see how the industry is "stacking up" on the bookshelves.
So, during the next two months, the Marketing Department of Star* Publish LLC will be concentrating on contacting bookstore managers in New York City. That will include chain bookstores as well as independent bookstores. So, if you plan to be in New York City, "the big apple," we plan to be there, every time you turn around. This is the time to "hang your wishes on a Star--a Star* book, that is."


In days of yore, authors were often expected--or even required--to make book tours. Some of them were regional, but the bigger the advance, the broader the area such a tour was to cover.
This requirement was often a hardship on authors, and sometimes even made the signing of a contract with a publisher impossible. Such issues as health problems, family and work responsibilities, financial concerns, etc. were huge factors in deciding what kind of demands an author could agree to.
Today, with the Internet at the disposal of most authors, book tours have taken on a whole new path. Many authors now opt for a "virtual book tour" or a "blog book tour." Star's* author, Joyce Anthony, has opted for this type of a tour during the month of April. She will be visiting a different blog every day, answering questions, being interviewed, discussing her book, Storm, and providing the opportunity for readers and fans to "ask her questions" by commenting on the blogs.
Here is Joyce's schedule. If you are "in the neighborhood," please stop in and say hello and ask her whatever is on your mind.

1- Cheryl M- The Adventures of a Wife, Mother, and Writer

2-Brenda-  Treasured Secrets

3-Marvin- Free Spirit

4-Demeitta-  Me-me

5-Karina F.-  Virtual Book Tour de Net


7-Jay-  Jay’s Musing

8-Ron-  -The Surreal Writer

9-Tir- --Tirgana

10-Kristy Powers-  Home of the Busy Mama’s Guides

11-Joyce S.-  Blue Attitude

12-Dej-  Figure Skating Blog

13-Billie- Printed Words

14-Phil-  All Things That Matter    Color Blind

16-Veldy-   Veldy’s Blog

17-Dorien-  A World Ago

18-Robin F.- Outdoor Writer

19-PeggyKaye-  Pearls and Dreams

20-Molly-   Whatta Woman

21-Cathy B.-

22-Jamieson-  I Am the Hunter

23-Tiff-  Neurotic Fitch Mom

24-Epi-   Highway Hypodermics

25-Janet-  Janet’s Jargon

26-Babs- Lakotah Writer

27-Sue-  Tumblewords

28-Nancy Louise-  Fat Drops of Thoughts

29-Lea S.-  The Writing Jungle

30-Mary Emma-  Mary Emma’s Potpourri of Writing


April 21st—Jo Lindsell--


May 24th –Karina Fabian  Fab Chat 8 pm




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