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Vol. 2, Ed. 14


Investors search for a way to predict what tomorrow's big winners in the Dow will be. Gamblers are willing to bet everything they own on the chance that they might win. Little old ladies take their Social Security checks and head for the Bingo parlors. They are all looking for the same thing: that magical, mystical key to success.

Authors and publishers do the same thing. They want that million dollar contract, that New York Times best-seller, the sales that net them a place equal to the spot the John Grishams, Stephen Kings, Nora Roberts and J.K. Rowlings have landed. Yes, they want that appearance on the Oprah show!
And therein seems to lie the secret. Star* Publish's Marketing Director, Janet Elaine Smith, has made a study, in her daily calls to bookstore managers, to try to track the trends. Yes, they vary from state to state, from region to region, but the one thing rings true across the country; everybody reads the books Oprah featrues on her TV program.
From there, though, the reaction varies. When A Million Little Pieces hit the No. 1 best-seller spot on the NY Times, right after the author was on Oprah, it was not long until the fact that the author was basically a fraud, claiming the book was a memoir, when in fact it was purely fictional. Did that drive the book to the depths of despair? Actually, it was quite the opposite. Not only did the sales zoom upward, but it landed him on almost every major program on the TV, including Larry King Live. One bookstore manager recently remarked, "When people come in now, once in awhile somebody will ask for the book A Million Little Pieces, but they almost always call it A Million Little Lies. And they are serious!"
The big trend now is The Secret. Oh, yes, it sounds like a wonderful idea. Once it hits Oprah, the corporate offices start sending the books out to every store--by the case lots. But, many bookstore managers admit that while it sells quite well, they have stacks and stacks of them that will eventually be returned. Here are some of the comments from bookstore managers about The Secret:
"It is basically the same thing that Norman Vincent Peale shared in his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, from the 1950s."
"If you turn on Robert Schuller or Joel Osteen on Sunday morning you can hear the same thing--and it's free."
"There was a woman back in the 1920s that wrote a similar book."
"I guess this guy never heard about Moses parting the Red Sea or Jesus walking on the water."
"I read the book to see what the big deal was. Seems to me that he copied an awful lot of other people's writings. He has a lot of quotes from other sources."
And from the Christian Booksellers Assoc. and some of the top Christian publishers, they admit that there are at least 40 people who are either writing a counter-part to or an argument against The Secret. When something is going well, it is only natural to want to jump on the bandwagon.
The best comment that came from a bookstore manager was, "I read the book. I tried to swallow what it said. But I can't figure out, if it really works, how come I still have a cold and I'm not rich and drop-dead gorgeous yet?"
Trends are fine, but in the book industry, as soon as you think you have it all figured out, it has changed and you are yesterday's news. Star* Publish LLC is proud to admit that we don't follow today's trends; we set them! Vive la difference!


Oh, sure, we've all heard it, that familiar jingle that has been around for years: "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...Do it your Burger King..."
Several years before Kristie Leigh Maguie founded Star* Publish LLC, she started an online writers group. It was called simply "NUW." No, it wasn't that she couldn't spell and was starting a "new wave." NUW stood for "Not the Usual Way." She soon collected a sort of strange group of authors who had tried the traditional way of getting their books published, but they had been disillusioned with promises of fame and success that never happened. The group included authors who had been self-published, subsidy-published, print-on-demand published, small-traditionally publisher published, and even a few who had been published by some of the big New York publishers but whose books were tied up in contracts and rights arguments so they were ready to move on to a place where they had some control of their own works.
Star* Publish is simply carrying on Ms. Maguire's vision and dream of reaching the world with an alternative slate of titles for people to choose from. Here are just a few of the titles--and why they are different from "the norm."
Les Goldberg: Living Judaism My Way--A successful businessman, Les turned his attention to feeding, clothing, housing and rehabilitating many of the homeless in the Los Angeles Area.
Affairs of the Heart--A pretty erotic story that will have you as hot as the scorching desert, but with an ending that is the best redemption story since the Bible's been written.
Julie and the Lost Fairy Tale--a children's book that found its way into the Barnes & Noble bookshelves instead as a "collection," so it goes up with the classics of old.
Havasu Heat--Is it a romance? A thriller? A mystery? Once you've read it, you will decide that yes, it is--all of the above.
Pampas--It is described by the author as "an inspirational romantic adventure intrigue." It features an Argentine cowboy who is as rare as the rival to Pace Picante Sauce; he really came from "New Yawk City"!
Storm--An ending that will have you looking at life the way you've never seen it before. Can a baby really change the entire world?
Dakota Printer--Written as an inspirational romance, but called by a male reader "The best western I've read since Zane Grey died."
Yes, Star* Publish has the best to offer you, and there's no room for boredom! These are just the tip of the iceberg. To see more about the books they offer, go to Star Publish and check them out. You'll find them listed in the Books on there.  



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