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Behind the Scenes with the Authors

Where to look for them

There is so much more to the life of your favorite author that readers wonder about. Here is a page especially dedicated to the Star* authors so you can find out what they do on their time off, their family, their hobbies, their favorite foods, and where you can ask them almost any question you want to. They are "just plain people," and they love to interact with their fans. Please take advantage of these places to track them down.

Joyce Anthony

Peggy DePuydt
     Video Trailer:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Get a review:

Janie Lancaster
          Therapeutic poetry website:

Epstein LaRue
     Book website:
     MySpace Travel Nurse Group:
     Highway Hypodermics Newsletter and Discussion Group:

Kristie Leigh Maguire
     Star Publish Website:
     Star Publish Blog: (Tradewinds)
     Krstie's Amazon Blog: com/gp/blog/ id/A1T86AUW0UA02 9/ref=cm_ pmc_pc_blog/ 102-8276002- 6964110

    Video trailers of Kristie's books: (YouTube)

          Affairs of the Heart:
          Far Side of the Sun:

Janet Elaine Smith
     Janet's Books Website:
     Janet's Character's Websites: (Yes, they think they are real people!)
          Patrick and Grace Mysteries: 
          Monday Knight (Women of the Week):
     Video trailers of Janet's books: (YouTube)
          Women of the Week series:
          Patrick and Grace:
          Keith Trilogy:

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