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Vol. 2, Ed. 15


Star* Publish author Peggy DePuydt doesn't believe in letting too much grass grow under her feet. Peggy is the author of the mystery/thriller Havasu Heat, where she tackles drug rings, crooked thugs and weaves a bit of love and romance into the story along the way. She is currently working on a new book that she plans to submit to Star* Publish LLC when it is completed. This one deals with the Native American people and sounds like a real winner.
Planning ahead, Peggy already has a booksigning lined up for Friday, July 13, in Iron River, MI for the town festival. She will also be doing a booksigning on Sunday, Sept. 2 in Nahma, MI, where another future book, All About Abe, is set.
Congratulations, Peggy, on looking to the future. We'll be watching for more fine books from you.  

Kristie and Michelle, the Sunny Isle librarian

Kristie Leigh Maguire in front of the Sunny Isle Library in St. Croix

Kristie Leigh Maguire, Star* Publish LLC's owner and founder, puts her heart and soul into all of the Star* books and authors, but there is still little that compares to the thrill she gets as an author in her own right.

As we announced last week, Kristie and her husband Stan have moved back to the Virgin Islands and are now living on St. Croix. This past week they had occasion to visit Christiansted, a town on the other side of the island from where they live, in Fredricksted. While there, Kristie decided to pay a visit to a library she had seen on a previous trip there.
"The whole library," Kristie said, "is about 8 x 10 feet. That's it. It is called the Sunny Isle Library." They parked in front of the library and got out, Kristie armed with a couple of the Star books and Stan with his camera ready to snap her picture.

"Cars were going past, wondering what we were doing," Kristie said. "And the librarian, Michelle, was inside working, so we went in to talk to her. I donated four books to the library, and she was so excited about that. I left her a copy of Janet Elaine Smith's A Lumberjack Christmas and A Christmas Dream and my books Desert Heat and Cabin Fever. I told her about my other book, From the Far Side of the Sun, and she was excited about it too. I went out to the car and got the only copy I had of it and brought it back in for her. I autographed the three of my books."
Michelle, the librarian, also told Kristie about another larger library in Christiansted and she called the head librarian, Mr. Wallace Williams, so Kristie could talk to him. He wanted information about the Star* books and said he would order copies of them for that library as well. Kristie plans to stop there to autograph her books when they arrive.
In describing the situation at the larger library, Michelle told Kristie that Mr. Williams was set to retire quite some time ago, but they couldn't find anybody who could take his place, so he delayed his retirement--indefinitely, by the sounds of it.
Kristie and Stan also attended a memorial service for a former resident of the condo where they live. It was held at the "very posh" country club, and Kristie took note of the fact that they had several books in their gift shop there. First the libraries; next the Country Club! There's no stopping Star* Publish's fearless leader now!
For this week's editorial about the pros and cons of having your books in libraries, click here.  

Kristie shows off two Star* books
New release Bank Roll and Kristie's Affairs of the Heart


Allyn has hit the "Amazon shorts" and here is the scoop on where to find her and how you can show your support.
"An essay I wrote about my experience as a juror was accepted by the Shorts Program. Here are the details. If you are so inclined, would love for you to purchase. They are 49 cents. ;) To find out more about the subject matter keep reading below.
Online bookseller Amazon has started something called "Amazon Shorts," in which selected authors are selling short stories and essays in electronic format for 49 cents.
Allyn's submission "How Ordinary People Perform Unthinkable Acts" was recently accepted and is now live!
Allyn Evans Speaks About How Ordinary People Can Perform Unthinkable Acts:
After serving on the jury in my hometown for a meth case, I had so many unanswered questions. We had agreed the defendant committed two crimes. The evidence was solid, so why, weeks later, was I tossing and turning at night? The sentence. Though we had followed the recommendation of the D. A., we, the jury, had been unjust. I needed to understand how twelve intelligent people could be led so harshly astray. The answer I found reflects a much larger picture of a very human and often disastrous need to accommodate authority


Have you heard about the new way to "gather"? It is a whole lot of fun and information over at . What's it all about? It is sort of a glorified Yahoo! e-groups site, but it is all "gathered" together under one big tent.

Granted, there are a lot of things that are not book-related, such as word games, cooking, travel and almost any topic you can think of. However, there are a lot of the groups that do related to writing, publishing, reading, marketing and more. Janet Elaine Smith, Star* Publish's Marketing Director, is always on the lookout for new places to let people know about the great titles Star* is publishing, so when somebody sent her an invitation to join, it didn't take her long to jump on the bandwagon. Several other Star* authors have followed suit. Janet has started her own group here or you can "connect" to Janet here.
Recently, one of the members (there are over 200,000 members and they are growing by leaps and bounds daily) complained in one of the groups that the upper echelon at didn't really care about most of the members and that they picked a select few to feature on a regular basis. The person who complained said he had tried to contact the corporate officers and had gotten no response.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Janet decided to try to contact them. She soon had the president on the phone, and he was extremely polite and interested in what Janet had to say. When Janet issued an invitation to be a guest on her Internet radio program, "Marketing for Fun and Profit" (available here every Monday evening at 9:30 ET), he declined, but instead suggested that Tom Gerace, the CEO and founder of would be a better choice. In less than a day, Mr. Gerace had been contacted and eagerly agreed to do the program. He will be the guest this Monday, May 7, and the program will also be archived for several months after it airs. Please tune in to see more about this growing program, which has been featured several times in Publishers Weekly, as well as many other places.
There are groups by such big-time companies as Borders Books, Starbucks (they are selling books in their coffeeshops now), and recently Donny Osmond added a music group of his own.
Star* Publish LLC is the sponsor of the "Marketing for Fun and Profit" Internet radio program.
Janet was selected by the Gather Team as the "No. 27 reason to invite people to join
Janet recently had one of her articles about Dunnottar Castle (the setting of her best-selling historical novel, Dunnottar) as the front page feature on the group called "Castle Freaks." You can read the article at the following link:

Dunnottar Castle


Epstein LaRue, author of Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2007, is once again hitting the road. This time it is a shorter move, as she and her family leave Washington for Idaho, her home state. Like a true Star* author, she won't let the trip go to waste. You can find her here:
May 26, Hastings Entertainment Center, Cour d'Alene, Idaho
May 28, Hastings Entertainment Center, Boise, Idaho
May 29, Hastings Entertainment Center, Twin Falls, Idaho



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