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Vol. 2, Ed. 17


"Mary Jane, what is your crusade?" Jonathan Bohner asked his boss's granddaughter in Dakota Printer (see a review here). Everybody, it seemed, had their own crusade. For Jonathan, it was befriending the Indians; for "Papa" Levine it was keeping his newspaper "dry" in a land of booze and money; for Eric, it was the founding of the first church in Fargo, Dakota Territory in the 1870s; and for Mary Jane--well, yes, she had a secret crusade too--the education of the children in the area.
As you look through Star* Publish's list of books, you might be surprised at the number of "crusades" the various authors have tackled. It is evident in our new book, which is described to the right, as Muriel Lindsay tackles the issue of protecting the dolphins--and the environment. But let's dig a little deeper.
Grab the Queen Power: Live Your Best Life! by Allyn Mitchell Evans, discusses the power that women can gain by putting their best foot forward in difficult situations.
Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2007, by Epstein LaRue, presents a different side of nursing and presents some of the challenges that exist in today's medical industry.
From the Far Side of the Sun: A Friendship That Spanned the Distance, by Kristie Leigh Maguire, teaches how to survive in unfamiliar surroundings without losing your sanity and by reaching out to making new connections with people far and near.
Blood Tastes Lousy With Scotch, by Robin Westmiller, is an agressive attack on the plight of the elderly in our world, concentrating in much of the book on custodianship of those who are left to the wiles of unscrupulous people, whether they are a lawyer or a family member.
Lester Goldberg, Living Judaism My Way by Les Goldberg, with collaboration from Lee Riggan and Kai Scott, confronts many of today's social issues, but especially those of the homeless people in our country.

Even some of the Star* fiction books get in on the act. Janet Elaine Smith, in her Patrick and Grace Mysteries, joins Les Goldberg in his fight to change the way we look at the homeless by placing Grace Johnson in a homeless shelter in In St. Patrick's Custody, the first of the series..
In another of Janet Elaine Smith's novels, Monday Knight, she shows the life-changing events that can happen in the twinkling of an eye because of a drunk driver.
My Dear Phebe, by Janet Elaine Smith, helps the youth of the day deal with the fears of war as they explore the Civil War through 10-year-old Phebe Irvine's eyes. The kids in classroooms discover that the fears they face as they listen to the news from Iraq and other trouble spots of the world aren't all that different than the ones the kids in the 1860s.
Storm, by Joyce A. Anthony, helps us all learn how quickly we judge those around us who are "a bit different," and moves us to a place where we learn to accept them for who they are and what they have to offer. 


Star* author Joyce Anthony concluded a very successful book tour without ever leaving home. She did a 30-day blog tour, visiting the blogs of 30 people who had done pre-posting interviews with Joyce. She had a lot of great interviews, creating a lot of interest in her life-changing spiritual fantasy, Storm.
Along the way, Joyce announced a contest with the award being offered an 1800-style journal and a set of pens. What more could anyone want, whether they were a reader or an author? The pace of the tour quickly accelerated once the prize was announced.

And the winner is <drum roll, please> Star* Publish LLC's very own Kristie Leigh Maguire. Kristie let it be known that she was very anxious to get the prize, but Joyce swears that there was no "funny business" involved, as an outsider drew the winning name. Congratulations, Kristie, on being the winner, and congratulations to you, Joyce, on a job very well done.

(For those of you who missed the tour, you can still see the places where she appeared listed at )


Star* Publish LLC is proud to announce that a new author is joining the "stable" of authors, as owner Kristie Leigh Maguire affectionately calls the Star* members. Here is a bit of information about the new young adult book and its author.
About the book:
Chronicles of the Savannah RiverDolphins
This book is a collection of stories of my up close and personal interactions with the Savannah River dolphins from my kayak and from in the water as well. These encounters occur over a period of four years. The book includes pictures of dolphins I have come to know and some thoughts about the human/dolphin connection that is so ancient and, to my mind, so significant. Lastly, included are some interviews with those who work on the sea with the dolphins as their constant companions.
And about the Author:
Muriel Lindsay currently resides on Tybee Island , a barrier island off the coast of Georgia where she has lived for nine years. Her interest in dolphins and whales began long before she was able to live in such ongoing proximity with them. In another book underway, she recounts the story of how these sea mammals, as well as whales, have always been in her life and consciousness, in one way or another, even when she was landlocked.
Muriel's career path involved many years of counseling others and working in the healing arts and teaching about consciousness. Writing and photography have always been there, woven into the fabric of whatever else she was doing or pursuing. She wrote and self published Dancers Over the Chasm over 20 years ago describing the kinds of people that handle transformative change the best. More recently, in 2005, she self published, unofficially, Talking To Hurricanes, a fictional account about one man's journey into discovery of his abilities to communicate with forces of nature.
Always, though, her passion has been to follow the beckoning of her friends in the sea, to open to what the human and dolphin and whale connection is about underneath all the theories and speculations and to find a way to honor it and inspire others to do likewise. She has traveled all over the globe to awe-inspiring places in nature and to grounds of much indigenous wisdom. Even as this traveling broadened and expanded her interest in ever deepening understanding of what it is to be human, it also kept bringing her back to her interest in the "other intelligence's" that live in the sea, knowing how deeply we are connected, for all our differences.

Muriel's interactions with dolphins have not been restricted to the ones in the Savannah River . She, along with documentary maker Hardy Jones (
) and others have been to Japan to help a fisherman (who used to kill dolphins) launch Japan 's first dolphin watching boat service. And she has been in the water off the coast of the Bahamas with the spotted dolphins out in the open ocean, able to connect with these beings without compromising their freedom yet getting plenty of genuine connection with them in some surprising ways. There have been other encounters as well, which will be at the heart of her next book.
Chronicles of the Savannah RiverDolphins is more than just a children's book, hopefully. Her intent is to awaken an awareness of our capacity to cross boundaries amongst all the creatures so that we all may better live in a world far more blessed and benign than anything we have ever known.
Muriel lives on Tybee with her two huskies and two cats, one a 17-year-old resplendent elder and the other a young cantankerous mischief-maker of the first order.



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