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Vol. 2, Ed. 19


Star* author Janie Lancaster, author of children's book Julie and the Lost Fairy Tales found a wonderful place to put her books and they soon agreed to host a booksigning as well.

The store, Captain Fitch's Mercantile, located in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, in San Diego, California, was the scene of the signing. It is a unique store, resembling the old "general stores" of bygone eras. In addition, because of its location and the number of tourists that visit the park, many of the books that are sold there end up going back to numerous foreign countries. One copy of Julie's book was headed for Japan as a gift from a grandma to her granddaughter! A total of 33 books were sold in Janie's 3-hour stint at Captain Fitch's Mercantile. 
This venue just proves that not ony are Star* books selling in bookstores nationwide, but are also finding their paths into other interesting locations. As you visit shops, if you find Star* books there, please let the personnel know how pleased you are. If they aren't, but you think they might fit with their merchandise, please send the information to either or . Star* Publish LLC aims to please--not just their authors, but the reading public as well.

Please enjoy the pictures of Janie at her event. Janie says "I was still twinkling on the last picture, and that was after 3 hours of selling and signing 33 books. Thank you, Star*, for making it all possible. Remember to watch for a Star* author in your neighborhood. You just never know when one might be lurking around the corner.



Robin Westmiller

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Star* authors Carolyn Howard-Johnson (Frugal Book Promoter: How to do What Your Publisher Won't) and Robin Westmiller (Blood Tastes Lousy With Scotch) are both attending the Book Expo (BEA) in New York this week.

BEA is probably the largest book convention in the country. It is held in different cities from year to year. Considerable marketing was done ahead of time to get some of the Shooting Star* Books on the shelves in many of the bookstores in The Big Apple. One of the officials of Borders Books reported to Star's* Marketing Director Janet Elaine Smith that she had seen several Star* books in at least four Borders bookstores in New York City a little over a week ago.
BEA is a place that provides a great deal of opportunity for making great "contacts," but actual booths to sell books is forbidden. Many books are given away, many are stolen, but not many sold. One author whose books were represented at BEA in Chicago aa few years ago had their publisher at that time (not Star* Publish) that "Your books were the first ones that 'stole out' from our display." What an honor!
So what exactly does an author do when at a convention such as BEA: Carolyn Howard-Johnson gave us the following description of some of the things she planned to do while she is in NYC.
  • I will traipse the aisles looking for fodder for my blogs ( and ), for my newsletter "Sharing with Writers," and for my "Back to Literature" column for
  • I will collect free books like crazy -- but, ethically, only ones I think I can read or give to people who can do the titles some good. In fact, I'll  take an extra suitcase to haul the loot home in.
  • I will hang out in the press room (I'm attending on a press pass because I write for several trade magazines and for Writers' Journal). That's good for networking.
  • I will take a day off to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art -- it has been years since I've seen it.  And, I'll troll for tickets for Wicked (little hope there!).
  • I will look for organizations that offer awards so that I can promote EDITOR the same way I promoted THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER. After all, I don't want the second book in the series to look like the orphan child of the first. (-:
  • Oh, yes. Forgot to say this. Those who are attending can find me at my distributor's booth #3702 (Biblio) on Friday at 1 pm.  I'll only be there an hour.  Robin, I hope to see you!

Robin Westmiller will be involved in some outside efforts to promote her book. Robin has an agenda that includes not only promoting her book, Blood Tastes Lousy with Scotch, but also the organization that she has founded to help families deal with some very crucial issues facing today's elderly.

"I'm leaving on the red eye tonight for BEA. Went to the one here in
L.A. in 2002, but didn't "work" it as much as I would have liked
because I was hosting a booth, but THIS trip, I'll be at a booth, but
only for a few hours, the rest of the time will be NETWORKING,
meeting, and making contacts.... yes, do wear very comfortable shoes,
the place is huge!"

In addition, Robin will be doing a radio interview while she is there. Way to make hay while the sun shines, laides!




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