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Star* Publish Times

Vol. 2, Ed. 20

Star* Publish LLC CEO Kristie Leigh Maguire

No, it isn't Christmas. It isn't even Christmas in July, which many stores now celebrate. But it is almost summer, and in an attempt to keep up with the times, there are some new "do's," or makeovers. Some of the Star* sites and people look better than the makeovers on Jerry Springer or Live with Regis and Kelly.
For starters, take note of Star's* CEO above. Her long blonde locks are a thing of the past and she looks as fresh as the islands with their summer breezes blowing in the Virgin Islands, which she now calls "home."
While she is "trimming the fluff" from her hairdo, the company is by no means cutting back. No, instead there are new things happening almost every day. See the article at the right for some of the hot news off the presses.
If you want more of that hot tropical feeling, head over to and grab an ice tea or good cold lemonade and bask in the breezes under the palm trees.
For still more new looks, Star's* Marketing Director, Janet Elaine Smith, has redone the website she has dedicated to strictly information about her Star* books. To see what she's been up to, stop over at and take a little time to smell the roses. Janet says her books have been "summarized" from the day she made the site, but now she has "summerized" the whole place!
Summer! It's the best time of the year for reading--except for winter, spring and autumn! So while you are at Star's* site, make sure you check out their bookstore to get the best books the industry has to offer.

Georgia Richardson, Star* Publish Author of the Month

There is so much excitement at Star* Publish that they wanted to share it with all of our readers. Remember at the beginning of the year, when Kristie Leigh Maguire, Star's* CEO, said she was not going to be taking many new books in in 2007? Well, you just can't trust her--when it comes to how much work she isn't going to do. In all other things, she's very reliable. Here's just the tip of the iceberg of what's happening at Star* Publish.
* G.M. Masterson's brand new time-travel, Alexander: Hall of Gods, is now available. Looks like Star* beat Harry Potter with this one! This is Star's* first British author.
* Janie Lancaster (author of Julie and the Lost Fairy Tale) has signed a contract with a newspaper to run a serialized version of her book.
* A new author, Cal Hunter, has signed a contract with Star* for his book Evidence of Intelligent Design in Human Physiology, a very hot topic in religious circles.
* Georgia Richardson, author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne, is this month's "Author of the Month." You can see more about her here.
* The script for A Christmas Dream (book by Janet Elaine Smith and script by Billie A. Williams) is headed for the printer, hopefully this week.
* Bank Roll: A Max Stryker Mystery, by Janet Elaine Smith, is making waves in bookstores across the country, thanks to the timing of the cutbacks at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which figures into the storyline of the book, even though it was written over 4 years ago.
* Maureen Lindsay's children's book on dolphins is in formatting, almost ready to head to the printers.
* Star* books are showing up in new bookstores across the country on an almost daily basis.
* Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Robin Westmiller are both back in CA after their trip to Book Expo in New York City. They got home with lots of free books, a whole bunch of new contacts and friends, and some very sore and tired feet.
* Internet Voices Radio, which carries Janet Elaine Smith's "Marketing for Fun and Profit" "Let's Speak Spanish," and is sponsored by Star( Publish will have Kay Karen, best-selling author of nearly 40 books, most of them featuring Native Americans, will be Janet's guest on Mon., June 13, at 9:30 ET. She will share how marketing for a big traditionally published author is not as different from those of independent of POD published authors as most people would like to think.
*Internet Voices Radio has a full slate of programs for "Marketing for Fun and Profit" through mid-August, featuring such guests as Kim McMillon, a publicist; William Lee, a Chinese-American lawyer who has written a book that has been featured in USA Today and Publishers' Weekly; and Karin Taylor, the director of the New York Center for Independent Publishers.
*Internet Voices Radio has reached an agreement with the publisher, Wiley, to air their podcasts on IVR.
*Star* Publish is receiving queries for some fantastic new books almost weekly. There are children's titles in the works, thriller/adventure titles, humor, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned, or you'll miss all the fun!



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