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Vol. 2, Ed. 21

Dr. Robin Westmiller, JD



The Dean and faculty of the Southern California Institute of Law in Ventura have conferred upon Robin C. Westmiller the degree of Juris Doctor in a graduation ceremony on Saturday, the ninth of June, 2007.

Westmilller is the President and founder of the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, a non-profit civil rights organization focusing on abusive private and public court appointed guardians and conservators who misuse the court system to benefit themselves.

Working with California State legislatures, she contributed to the Omnibus Conservatorship and Guardianship Reform Act of 2006 which was signed into law last September. She is a member of the Ventura County Bar Association, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Elder Justice Coalition, and works with Grey Law of Ventura, and F.A.S.T. The Financial Abuse of Seniors Team.

Westmiller is also the author of "Blood Tastes Lousy With Scotch" How I rescued my father from greedy cousins, thieving attorneys and the Florida Guardianship System"

But that is just the end of the story. Or perhaps it is the middle. As with almost every book, there is "a story behind the story." For Robin's background story, let's turn to Blood Tastes Lousy With Scotch for an excerpt to explain what led her not only to write the book, but also to establish a national organization to protect our nation's elderly, and to pursue--and get--her law degree.
"A mid-life crises soon after my 50th birthday led me to enroll in Southern California Institute of Law, where I hoped to find a way to continue my education in an area that I felt would afford me the opportunity to continue my pursuit of justice in a more lucrative career. 
5:30 in the morning is never a good time for the telephone to ring. 5:30 on a Monday morning the week of law school final exams is the worst possible time to be awakened by a ringing phone.
I managed to go through 4 years of law school AND graduate all during this legal nightmare. Even the Dean thought I was going to take a year's leave of absence, but law school was the one thing that was keeping me going throughout all of it.

If I'd known then what I know now, it would have turned out very differently. For one thing, my father was NEVER a resident of Florida and as such the Florida probate/guardianship court had NO jurisdiction over him at all. And also that my parents are still married, so a portion of what they stole from my father was marital PROPERTY and belonged to my mother. Being in law school certainly was a plus through all of this. IF we can only find an attorney in Florida to represent my mother in a civil case against all the parties... I'm still working on it!  
Robin, on behalf of the entire Star* Publish LLC team, the Star* authors, and all of our readers, we raise our glass to you! <clink> We're mighty proud of you, Dr. Westmiller!



Star" author Janet Elaine Smith's Patrick and Grace Mystery series has been recalled to active duty. (See more about the series here.)
When Janet wrote the first book in the series, In St. Patrick's Custody, she admits that she did it "just for fun, and to entertain people." However, a funny thing happened on the way to the success of the series. Soon people began contacting Janet to tell her that they had started going to their local homeless shelters to volunteer.
Why? you wonder. That is a perfectly legitimate question. Recent widow Grace Johnson found herself out on the streets of New York City, without a roof over her head, and she turned to her friend, retired NYC cop, who took her to the Haven of Rest Homeless Shelter. Grace was soon adopted by the staff at the shelter and was asked to join them. For the first time in her life, she had an income of her own, other than the Social Security she was able to draw on from her dearly departed late husband.
Sometimes things have a way of dropping out of the sky and landing in your lap. During the past week, Janet was contacted by Kim McMillon, a publicist from San Francisco, by fellow Star* author Carolyn Howard Johnson. Kim wanted to find out if Janet would interview some of her clients on Janet's weekly radio program, "Marketing for Fun and Profit," which can be heard every Monday at 9:30 p.m. ET on Internet Voices Radio. Soon the subject somehow drifted to homelessness, a cause to which Kim is deeply devoted. Janet also has a keen interest in homelessness as well, since she and her husband have run a charitable HELPs organization, Mission Socorro, for 36 years. They have dealt with hundreds of homeless people in that capacity. Janet also told Kim about her Patrick and Grace Mysteries, and in less than a day Janet had been contacted by Michael Stoops, the Acting Executive Director of the National Coalition for the Homeless. Patrick and Grace are practically jumping up and down at being able to play a more active part again in helping others who find themselves wandering, alone and feeling hopeless, like she was just seven years ago, when the series was born. As Grace would say, "The only difference between you and a homeless person might be as small as one missing paycheck."
All of the proceeds from the sale of the Patrick and Grace Mysteries go to help needy people at Mission Socorro. Janet invites you to help a homeless person by purchasing a Patrick and Grace Mystery, and have some fun along the way. As one reader put it, "Patrick and Grace get into more trouble than a couple of two-year olds, but they have more fun than a barrel of monkeys getting out of it."




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