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Hall of the Gods
When the book arrived I soon found myself compulsively turning the pages. Things take a dramatic turn when an orphan by the name of Alexander learns that he is the last survivor of a cursed aristocratic dynasty. Why were his parents killed in a freak accident? What was behind the mysterious disappearance of one of his ancestors, Victorian archaeologist Algernon Northgate? What happened to his journals? And what was behind the curse that killed off his entire family? Brainy Alex receives help in his quest for the truth from his tutor at Oxford, the eccentric professor, Frank Malone. 'Hall of the Gods' is a great read. There are two fast moving story lines, one in present day Oxford and the other in Victorian Egypt, combining shocking twists with action thrills until a powerful climax brings them both together in a breath-taking finale.
By  Piyasi Karbal (NOTTINGHAM, UK)



       From its beginning, It's Never to Early to Think About Marketing, to the last chapter, Success as a Motivator, "The Frugal Book Promoter. How to Do What Your Publisher Won't," Carolyn Howard Johnson, shares her experience as a publicist, editor, instructor, motivational speaker and award winning author of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, along with invaluable information and resources with a generosity that contradicts the title of this must have, practical, easy to follow map to the top of Publishing Mountain.

   "Promotion is not a sprint but a marathon. As any coach
 knows, you start training slowly and build up steam.

        "CHJ. From the Palm Springs Writer's Guild Newsletter"

I’ve had the privilege of attending one of Ms. Johnson's workshops and experienced first hand this coach’s ability to spark a bonfire of enthusiasm, confidence, and ideas for promoting yourself and your work. The sparkle and energy she generates in person is sprinkled with such enthusiasm and talent onto every page of “The Frugal Book Promoter,” I was quickly caught, inspired and fired up with the steam to fuel my own marketing efforts.

   "Free Publicity isn't Free."

But you can cut costs, cut corners, save money, time and effort. And this book tells you how to: Use the Web; your Own Website, your writing experience and skills; create mailing lists; make your own ARC's and get book reviews; write press releases; create a media kit: make and develop media contacts and coverage; get and do interviews. Oh, and let's not forget use the power, popularity and marketing saavy of Amazon as your own. "The Frugal Book Promoter. How to Do What Your Publisher Won't," shows you how to cut those costs, cut those corners, save time, energy, and money, with samples, links, resources, and contact information, and how to get the most from your budget at: Conferences; Book Fairs; Trade Shows: and from promotional gifts, give aways, and contests.

Don't start your trip on the Writing Road without your map to the top of Publishing Mountain, "The Frugal Book Promoter. How to Do What Your Publisher Won't"

Charlene Austin writes fiction under the pen name Carrie Lynn Lyons. She is the founder/moderator of Writing Road, managing editor of the Writing Road Newsletter, founder and reviewer for Writers and Readers Network. Her reviews, stories, and poems have appeared in Sabledrake, Mystery Fanatic Ezine, MS. Magazine on line, All Readers, Northeast Book Reviews, About, Sacred Twilight, Twilight Times, and other on line venues.

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